I am a researcher at Åbo Akademi University studying marine food webs. I am interested in trophic interactions, particularly relating to the coupling between biodiversity and ecosystem functioning, and I am using a number of different coastal ecosystems (Baltic Sea, French Atlantic coast, NE Greenland, southern California, Mediterranean Sea) in my assessments of network structure and trophic processes under environmental change. 


  • 06.05.2021

    And just like that, Christina published the last chapter of her PhD thesis. Congratulations, Christina!

    The paper presents the results from a field experiment assessing the effect of round goby on epifauna. We found that round gobies reduced invertebrate abundance, biomass and species richness and also affected taxonomic and trait-based composition of the invertebrate communities. The paper is OPEN ACCESS and you can find it HERE!

  • 10.03.2021

    New paper out!

    Our paper on temporal changes in marine food web structure and function was just published in Journal of Animal Ecology! This work was lead by Susanne Kortsch and Romain Frelat. You find the paper here and for #thestorybehindthepaper see our blog post here!

  • 01.10.2020

    Another chapter published from Christina Henseler's thesis! This paper is called Habitat utilization and feeding ecology of small round goby in a shallow brackish lagoon and found in Marine Biodiversity here: https://doi.org/10.1007/s12526-020-01098-0

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