I am a researcher at Åbo Akademi University studying marine food webs. I am interested in trophic interactions, particularly relating to the coupling between biodiversity and ecosystem functioning, and I am using a number of different coastal ecosystems (Baltic Sea, French Atlantic coast, NE Greenland, southern California, Mediterranean Sea) in my assessments of network structure and trophic processes under environmental change. 


  • 04.07.2018

    Paper out! With the help of some Italian colleagues, I've been able to do more Mediterranean work. In this paper, Bongiorni et al., we study the contribution of deltaic wetland food sources to coastal macrobenthicconsumers at the Po River Delta, north Adriatic Sea. Read more here!

  • 02.05.2018

    We have a couple of new papers out! The first one is Degen et al.,  in which we discuss trait-based approaches in rapidly changing ecosystems and lay out a roadmap to the future polar oceans. Open access in Ecological Indicators HERE  The second one is Nasi et al., in which we assess the functional diversity of polychaete assemblages in Mediterranean coastal areas affected by contaminants. Link to Marine Environmental Research HERE

  • 21.03.2018

    Our review in Global Change Biology was the papers's 8th most downloaded article of 2017: "The importance of benthic–pelagic coupling for marine ecosystem functioning in a changing world" https://buff.ly/2GM7K3L  #openaccess

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